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Elevating Uber

Uber approached Modern Climate to help activate its user base. Uber’s focus on transportation inspired a few ideas that could get people to take notice. One such idea was to elevate the Uber service, literally, to the nations largest and busiest Skyway system. So UberSKYWAY was born. It was to be debuted in downtown Minneapolis on April First. No kidding.

Joke, no joke.

It started with a full campaign launch introducing UberSKYWAY via emails, blogs and the Uber App. Hundreds of thousands of local Uber riders and drivers saw a sneak peak of UberSKYWAY. Most people thought that the emails and app alerts they received were a cute April Fools joke. Well, that was until they came across an Uber actually operating in the central part of the Minneapolis Skyway. Free rides were given by requesting an UberSKYWAY from the Uber app. It was an entertaining and memorable experience that became a trending topic on twitter, and through various media outlets exposed over 7 million consumers to the Uber brand in a single day.