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A paper predicament.

Shortly after its inception in 1980, the Post-it Note quickly became one of the most recognized and utilized slips of paper the world has ever known. Whether they’re used to jot down a reminder, share a thought or simply serve as a sketchpad, the signature note has given Post-it an incredibly large and diverse fan base. However, over the past few years, sales have been way down with a younger audience. To this popular demographic, The Post-it Note is a paper product in a digital world.

Post-it note

Great product... meet exciting new world.

The Post-it brand needed to become relevant to a new and fairly persnickety audience – millennials. We knew the only way that would happen is by building an experience that fit in to their digitally connected lives. To give them something they’d actively use.

To do so, we’d have to leverage everything that made the original Post-it so great – its simplicity and versatility, and fuse it with everything that makes socially driven mobile applications so appealing. In short, we needed to recreate the Post-it Note in the digital world.

Reinventing the note.

With the PopNotes app, we successfully created a digital note that retained the integrity of both the brand and the characteristics that made the paper note so universally loved.

The playful user interface mimicked Post-it’s paper texture and offered users the same bright palette of color choices. Notes could be created with typed messages, hand-drawn doodles, or a combination of the two. Once a note is created, they can be left anywhere the user wants. Whether they need to leave a reminder to pick up milk at the grocery store, recommend a meatball sub at the corner pizza shop or simply leave a welcome home note at the airport for their spouse.

Post-it Pop Notes
Post-it New Note
Post-it Ipad
Post-it have a great day
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Post-it multicolor

The same great note...

PopNotes users can choose to view notes created by themselves, their friends or the PopNotes community as a whole. Any time they approach a location with a note, it simply pops up on their mobile device. It’s the same Post-it principle of providing relevant geographic context in order to create a more meaningful note. We like to think of it as the same great note with the added freedom to share and connect with a larger world through the wonders of mobile technology.

We are proud to have created the PopNotes app on one of the first to market cloud-based deployment platforms. It allowed us to build a multilingual experience that was scalable on a global level and that could handle a massive amount of notes without causing overbearing load times.

Post-it reminder app
Post-it like station

Finishing on a high note.

The PopNotes app reached the top 10 most downloaded apps on iTunes in its first weekend of release with over 80,000 downloads in the first 2 days. In 2013, AdAge gave the app one of its inaugural Isaac Awards for Innovation in App Development.

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