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Kara Murphy

Vice President of Client Services

If you ever needed someone with a great deal of experience using giant scissors, or just ribbon cutting in general, Kara’s your girl. The former Miss Richfield has the technique down cold, and the same could be said for her experience with client service. For over 17 years, Kara has worked on great accounts like Hasbro, FedEx, Target, Meijer and ABC for agencies in the Twin Cities and across the country. This self described neatnik not only keeps things tidy on the home front, but on the business front too, serving our clients with plans and briefs that meet their creative needs and budget. 

When not tending to her clients, Kara enjoys spending time with her human family, doting over her baby nephew, and tending to her furry friends. As a wildlife rehabilitator on the side, she’s always making animals lives better. You might even say she’s one of those do-gooders, which is pretty much the same thing she say about what she does at MC. Oh, the irony.