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Justin Campbell

Group Creative Director

If you ever needed someone who could diffuse a bomb while in the middle of hosting his own talk show, Justin is your guy. With a cool, calm, conceptual approach, Justin turns digital ideas into pixelated realities. Armed with a keen business sense, he offers leadership to digital and motion that broadens the range of Modern Climate’s creative capabilities to grow demands for robust content. 

Justin skateboard

Justin’s rock-steady diligence has been showcased through his climb at former cross-town agency Atomic. He served as the agency’s Creative Director and most senior right-brain thinker. Justin’s brand experience includes Jack Link’s, Pentair, 3M, Allianz, Mosaic, and Minnesota Life. And though he’s always working for the best possible business outcomes, he has earned more than his share of awards for innovative creative. He’s pretty humble, so this is probably making him blush right now.

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Justin has emerged as our own version of MacGyver, combining advertising with technology, and breaking boundaries in the process. The only thing he lacks is a mullet, because he’s smart enough to know that nobody can compete with MacGyver’s mullet. 

Justin Lounging