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Carbon patch

Go forth.
And explore.

Carbon is a place of invention – established to spark, design and build things that inspire curiosity, creative thinking and courageous possibilities.

It’s a celebration of the culture of Modern Climate, where the ideas are generated by and for employees. The energy that comes from Carbon inspires the work we do for our clients and all the ways we can create it.

Chart displaying stages of Carbon program
People shaking hands with a glass of Tang and Carbon pins in the foreground

Celebrate creativity and progress (and Tang).

Upon submission of a breakthrough creative idea, each new Carbon team member is celebrated with a certificate of induction, a Carbon hoodie and their first Carbon Stage pin. As each project moves to the next Carbon stage, each team member is rewarded with a stage pin. 

Knock Knock device


Modernizing the doorbell by keeping it old-skool.

Pouring coffee in to a cup

Coffee Shame

Ever wanted to know who the hell took the last drop of coffee and didn’t make more? So did we.