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Be significant

We help businesses innovate and evolve to gain greater significance. We do this by clarifying their purpose, then ensuring their promise is kept through modern experiences along the customer journey.

We are an independent brand and technology company. Minneapolis-based, founded in 2009. Part of Clear Night, a branding, marketing and technology services platform.

Moving business Forward.

Modern Climate works with organizations to help define, align and execute strategies that contend with the complexities of our consumer-driven, technology-enabled world. Our approach is designed to engage, activate and inspire multidisciplinary collaboration across an organization.

What we do.

We provide a spectrum of services through three core offerings; Brand Strategy, Technology Strategy, and Customer Experience Innovation. Our methods of working help organizations align and execute internal and external marketing, product and technology pursuits. This alignment can greatly simplify, accelerate and empower a more connected and a more focused enterprise.

Diagram of Modern Climate's services.

Is your brand or organization seeking greater clarity and alignment through innovation?

Email our Minneapolis office for more information about our capabilities, work and outcomes.