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What we can learn from Lars Andersen

Lars Andersen has 28MM views and counting.

(The next archer has 7.)

Why is that?

Andersen burst on the scene because he successfully challenged the conventions of a category. He upended a staid, tried and true formula for something as mundane as shooting an arrow with a bow. A formula that has not changed for oh, a couple of thousand years.

He also recreated a disruptive technology – holding all the arrows in his hand instead of a quiver – that produced speed and efficiency to a deliberate, squinty sport.

In the spirit of a challenger, he tossed out the rules and made his own. And in the process, he became a PR sensation – exactly what challengers do – and rather instantly the thought leader for archery.


That challenger spirit is key to understanding Modern Climate, a brand+technology company keen on upending category conventions to give our clients a real competitive advantage in the marketplace.

We believe in the
disruptive power of
big ideas to unlevel the playing field
and give our clients an unfair advantage in the marketplace

We are an independent
company constantly
searching for
this thing

The thing that will differentiate a brand within a commodity category.

Is it design?

Is it technology?

Is it a brand strategy no one saw coming?

Or what big, disruptive idea will turn an ordinary company into a thought leader? A media darling? A take-no-prisoners, history-making, cultural phenomenon? There's huge business value for the brand that breaks free of the gravitational pull of category conventions.

We are brand strategists, advertising leaders, digital mavens, developers, tech whiz kids, publishers, gamers, analysts, content creators and social media savants colliding and collaborating until we get the thing right.

Whatever the thing is.

We infuse Modern Thinking into everything we do

brand planning / identity / technology innovation / PR / challenger workshops / creative content / design / advertising / digital production / performance analytics / UX / thought leadership / social media / app development

This is what we do, not in order, and not always. We structure each account team for innovation and multi-disciplinary problem solving. Not for campaign development.

Big Difference.

We're proud to represent these brands.

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Sometimes we create our own brands, just because.

In fact, we started a wonkworks a few years ago and began creating technologies that solved problems or created opportunities that intrigued us and somehow, some way made the world better.

The wonkworks is called Carbon.

Our latest idea is a preschool teaching platform called Meeples. This little band of characters helps teach children shapes in a thoroughly new, modern way. It's free to teachers, parents and you. Give it a try. See if you're as smart as your 3-year-old.

Our mission is to create the world we want to live in

A world where authenticity, honesty and creativity are principles and requirements. Where brands with purpose win over brands with none. Every day we walk in the door, we're reminded that the odds are long.

But the will is strong.